Care Packages

Care Packages are filled with a patient’s favorite things to do – toys, electronics, gift cards, clothes, special requests, and grocery/gas cards for the parents. Applications are created for children and their families coping with childhood cancer and are considered when a referral is provided to us by the patient’s child life specialist, social worker, or pediatric oncologist. Age of patient must be infant – 21 years of age and currently receiving treatment for pediatric cancer at a central Florida hospital.

Thank you so much to Hugz from Bugz for brightening up our stay! I hope Kaden will start feeling better soon so he can enjoy his wagon and toys! You have no idea how much we appreciate what you have done for our family. God Bless you always!!! #teamkaden #KadenSTRONG

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The smile on Cullen’s face was priceless! I have a few pics I’ll post later today.  He absolutely loves it all.  My daughter had a friend over, so they were all loving the HUGE bubbles.  Cullen’s favorites right now are the Poppa and the three minions.  I think he’s used all of the gifts already and we just opened them last night.  Jim and I will definitely use and definitely need the Publix and gas cards.  That was so very kind of you! All of the gifts were so very kind and thoughtful.  We are beyond grateful for the outpouring of love from your family, and the Hope and a Smile from Haley!

Muchas gracias! Saying “Thank you” won’t be enough, but……thank you so very much!!!!! God bless you a lot!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! Jeshalon is soooooo happy, he is (trust me) happy. He is a shy boy, but, I know he is happy. Thank you again. God bless you.

Dear Hugz from Bugz. Thank you for all the wonderful gifts that you gave me that helped pulled me through a challenging time I was facing in my life. Two months ago I had a bone marrow transplant and I finally made it home.  My family filled out your application about three weeks ago and all was going well until August 14th. I was rushed to the hospital and had to have emergency surgery that night for fluids around my heart and lungs. On the 15th of August my family went home to check on the house and found the wonderful package that was sent to me. It was a gift that put happiness in my heart and help pull me through another amazing adventure in my life. Thank you for bringing sunshine in my life!!!
P.S. Today is August 23rd and I finally made it home today!!!

“Hey Chad! I got your gift a few days ago! I wanted to say thank you so much for it! I really appreciate it! It gives me some stuff to do and more games to play with my family and friends! Thank you so much!” – Derek

Ben at APH receiving his custom Red Sox jersey, dining gift cards, and several other gifts in his care package.

“Jonathan absolutely loves his stuff especially the hat, he wears it everywhere. We were excited to see you at Runway to Hope. We always have fun there. Thank you again so much for everything.” Rebecca (Jonathan’s Mom)

Runway to Hope 2015 weekend – XBOX/PIZZA Party for the children and families

“I am wondering if you can help us with a special request, one of our patients is having her 9th birthday on Monday.  She really would like a Barbie Dream House and that is one thing that we just don’t have.

“Thanks Chad!  You guys are amazing.”

Shalese Harkless, MS, CCLS
Child Life Specialist
Nemours Children’s Hospital

Doube receiving his new XBOX ONE and games

Haley & Family,
Thank you so much for letting Cameron be a part of the baseball game and throw out the first pitch. He has been showing everyone the video. We love that you also included his brother who often takes a backseat. It was great meeting you. We are so touched by what you do.
The Fulling Family

$500 to Johnny’s Gift of Life Foundation to pay for expenses

“Christopher received his care package, thank you so much!”


“It was nice meeting you too. Thanks again for the gifts. Maya is doing really well. She was discharged Tuesday, we go back Monday to start the 2nd round of chemo. She loves her giant piano, she is trying to figure out the karaoke machine (pretty cool watching her reaction to hearing her voice on the speaker). She loved the box too.” – Blessing (Maya’s Mom)

“Hello, yes it was great meeting you too. Kyven loves his new toys & he says the DS is the coolest one he has ever seen. He loves it!! Thank you & Haley soo much for doing that for him. He was happy to have met her.” Amber Mikey

“Wanted to say, Thank you again for everything. We received the other package and Anthony loves it. He just got out of the hospital from having a G Tube put in but we did take him to SeaWorld this past weekend. Wanted him to go before his surgery, so we will be sending you pictures soon. Real appreciate your thoughts, prayers and support during this difficult time in our families life.
God Bless…”

“We cannot thank you enough for your kindness and generosity toward our family and especially our son, Dylan. Hearing the words “your child has cancer” were the most devastating and terrifying words a parent could ever imagine. It was an extremely difficult time for entire family. The multiple hospitalizations, surgeries, blood transfusions, clinic visits were physically, emotionally and mentally exhausting. Yet one day, after having another difficult appointment with Dylan’s prosthetics, we walked next door to have lunch at Jersey Mike’s and saw an advertisement for your organization. We were so excited to learn about you all and the impact you have made on families right here in our town and in our hospital. When we reached out to your organization you immediately responded and eagerly offered us assistance. You also invited us to events that would (and did) put a huge smile on our son’s face and let him enjoy life outside of the hospital. The gas cards and the Corvette (for Dylan) were also greatly appreciated. Your family and your organization are God sent and hold a special place in our hearts” – The Leslie Family Mikey

“Hey guys, with all the craziness that has been our lives these past 10 months, we don’t always remember to give thanks where it is due. I want you to know that your family has been an example of God’s promise to never leave or forsake us. Life has indeed been hard through hospital visits & treatment, but your gifts and get togethers, and especially your positive outlook has helped us to keep from going off the rails. I don’t think many people understand just how important it is for a family going through cancer treatment to know that there are families who have made it to the other side. May God bless you, and continue to use you to bless others who have to take this journey”. Sofia’s Dad Nino Mikey

“Hugz From Bugz, we wanted to take a moment to say thank you for all you have done to help our family. Mikey is so excited to use his audio enhancement system in the classroom!  We are very grateful for your tremendous generosity. This will change Mikey’s life FOREVER!This means so much to us.  Thank you!” XOXO The Joffe Family Mikey

“Hey, Chad!! Thank you SO much for lunch, it was awesome as always!! I can not even begin to put into words how appreciative I am for the gifts y’all gave to our family! Thank you!!” Brooke (Ethan’s Mom) ETHAN

Here is what a few families have to say about us. We were so amazed and surprised when we found out about a weekend at the beach.  Our sincerest thanks to Hugz From Bugz for this weekend.  We are looking forward to a fun weekend together as a family away from our crazy journey all us have been on!  – Ethan’s Mom ETHAN

I just want to say a huge thank you for helping us get to have an amazing memorable day at Discovery Cove with our family and swimming with the dolphins.  – Trevor’s Mom TREVOR

Today Andrea received a very special phone call from a fellow fighter/survivor named Haley (Bugz).  They bought Andrea tickets to the Brigit Midler concert!!!! Andrea is sooooooo excited & happy.  It means so much!!!!!   – Andrea’s Mom ANDREA

Hugz From Bugz gave Logan a care package full of her favorite things, and some gas and Publix cards for us.  We appreciate you and what you do for us families! –Logan’s Mom Logan 5

Thank you Hugz From Bugz,  I received the confirmation for Sea World tickets.   You have made her dreams come true! – Grace’s Mom GRACE

Thank you sooo much for the beautiful gifts. Ashtyn is so excited about everything in there! I hope to be able to help others the way you and your family have helped us. It means so much to have someone to call when you’re really overwhelmed. – Ashtyn’s Mom ASHTYN

I will tell Logan about truck but after all u have done for him I assure u he was not expecting that. The kids are over the top excited about the dolphins, thank you guys for everything you do, it means so much!  -Logan’s Mom LOGAN

Dear Chad,Christy,& Haley,Thank you so much for the Surfboard! It is the perfect gift.  Dominic said “this is my favorite gift I’ve ever received.”  Once again many thanks Hugz From Bugz You Are Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat !  -Dominic’s Mom Dominic

Today Andrea received a very special phone call from a fellow fighter/survivor named Haley (Bugz). She’s the same age as Andrea but was diagnosed with Leukemia in 2009. Her parents, Chad & Christy, started a foundation in Florida to help families down there like the Johnny Sileno family does here. Well to get back to the phone call Haley had something special to tell Andrea….. They bought Andrea tickets to the Brigit Mendler concert!!!! Andrea is sooooooo excited & happy. She has something to push through this phase for, other than Lil Lulu.Thank you Haley, Chad & Christy. It means so much!!!!! Lauren
“Wow!!! That is GREAT!!! I really appreciate all your efforts to ensure the kids have a memorable end of chemo! I think this is going to be a great tradition and so glad Hugz from Bugz could make it happen…. You guys are the best!” Lauren Hamed (Child Life Specialist APH) Lauren